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Register for FLVS Course with 

MyDistrict Virtual School Franchise

**This process allows you to register for up to three courses** 

Once you have registered for the three courses, you can follow these directions to register for additional courses, if needed.

During this process, both student and parent should work to complete this registration. 

Current Students Who Already Have An Account: Follow the directions until you are directed to sign in to your account (yellow section). Next, look for the next yellow section of the directions and complete the registration.

NEW Students Who Need An Account: You will need some basic information to create an account with FLVS. Please be sure to have:

  1. Your address
  2. Your phone number
  3. Parent/Guardian contact information including email address and phone number

Follow the directions below: 

Point your browser to the Florida Virtual School Website.

Click on Enroll from the top menu.

Choose County Virtual School GRADES 6-12.

Review the instructions on the webpage to register.


Click on Enroll.

In this step, you will customize your course catalog.


  1. Choose the county you live in.


  1. Choose the type of student you are. 


The choices are:

Public School Student

Home School Student

Private School Student

Charter School Student


Click on continue.


This is the FLVS Flex 6-12 Course Catalog. 


You may scroll down the page to find a course or use the Search Bar to search by Subject, Course Name, or Course Code. 

In this example, we will be looking for Spanish 2.

Once you locate the course you want to take, click on the course name.

This page contains all the details about the course including the earliest start date, course description, main topics, and additional information important to know before registering for the course.  


Click on Add to Backpack

Next, you will confirm that you have taken any prerequisite(s), if it applies to the course selected.
Finally, you will confirm that you plan to take the course with MyDistrict Virtual School.

The system shows that you have added the course to your Backpack. 




If you need to add additional courses click on Add Courses.

If you are done adding courses, click on Continue.

If you already have an account with FLVS, please login using your credentials.

You will pick up with these directions when you see the next yellow section.

If you are a new student, you will need to create an account.

New Student Sign Up Process


This is the first screen of a series of screens that will guide you in setting up your account.




Anything with an *asterisk must be completed. 


Click on Continue when you complete each page. 




In the Personal section, please be sure to choose the correct School. If you are a full-time virtual student, please choose your County Virtual Program as your School. 


In the Demographic section, all questions are required per the Florida Department of Education. Once you answer the question about your race, the question will turn green indicating that you have answered it.






In the Phone section, please add all phone numbers that a teacher can use to contact you and your parent/guardian. There is a green plus sign that will allow you to add additional phone numbers. If you indicate that a phone number is a cell phone, you will have the option to opt in to getting text messages. 



In the Address section, please add your primary home address.




Once you have completed all information required, please click Continue.







Next, you will add your Parent/Guardian Information.


Please be sure to have an email address and a phone number for your parent/guardian. 


Add a phone number and choose the best time for your teacher to contact your parent/guardian.



In the Address section, you can click the top left corner box to fill in your student address.


When you have completed all information required, click Continue

Now you can review all information provided to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything or made a mistake. If you need to edit a section, please click on the pencil


in that section to correct any information.



Read and Agree to the Student and Parent/Guardian Commitments. 


Please read and check the appropriate boxes and click Submit.

Next, you will take the Survey that FLVS asks all students to take. 








Click Continue when you are done.

Next, read through the Student and Parent/Guardian Commitments. 


Click on the "I agree" box.



Click Continue when you are done.

Next, you will read through the Media Release.


If you agree to the Media Release, the parent/guardian should type their name in the box and click Continue


If you do not agree to the Media Release, unclick the box and click Continue


This next step finalizes your registration. You will choose:

  • Which semesters
  • Preferred Placement Date (when you would plant to start the course)
  • School


Students may only work in virtual courses with MDVS during the 180-day school year unless your district makes an exception.


By selecting MyDistrict Virtual School (MDVS) you are supporting your local school district. As a MDVS student you will follow the district school calendar regarding semester completion. 


Click Continue.


Next, you will confirm any prerequisites for the course chosen, if any. 

Next, you will confirm your school choice.




Click Continue.

Click on Submit Enrollment.

Review the Confirmation Page.

Next, you can click on the button to "Login to FLVS".



You will use your Username and Password that was created earlier in this process.


Bookmark this site so that you can get to your courses easier: 

The next step is that your school counselor must verify these courses.

  • A school counselor will provide verification of those courses for students in public schools by logging into FLVS. 

Congratulations, you have completed the registration process.

We look forward to working with you as you
 complete your MDVS courses!