A student is withdrawn from a course due to:

  • Not meeting the requirements of Grace Period (20% completion of the course within 28 days)
  • Inactive in the course over a period between 7-21 days
    • No Work
    • No Contact with Instructor

Each enrollment (segment) generates a curriculum fee ($43-$97 for SY2021) after the student is past the grace period. Because of this, MDVS must have written approval from a district staff member to reinstate a student. The best process for this to occur efficiently is below.

  1. Student realizes he/she was dropped from the course.
  2. Student contacts their guidance counselor and requests to be reinstated. Students are directed to do this via their course announcement page and the Student Dashboard in the Learning Management System.
  3. The counselor requests for the student to be reinstated via Freshdesk.
    1. Anyone can send an email with the request to mdvs@nefec.freshdesk.com.
    2. You can also submit a ticket via the Freshdesk and have access to view your current tickets as well as closed tickets.
      1. Create a Freshdesk Account
      2. You will receive an activation email that will contain a link for your to activate your account. 
      3. Please use the attached document to learn more about how to create a ticket within the system. What is great about having an account and using the email address is that when you send a ticket in via your email address, it will show up in your Freshdesk portal.