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Description automatically generatedRegister for FLVS Course with 

MyDistrict Virtual School Franchise

Current Students Requesting Up To Six Courses

Point your browser to the FLVS platform.


Use your credentials to log in to the FLVS platform.

Click on the hamburger in the top left corner.

Click on Request Middle/High Courses.

Review the Student Information Verification page. 


*Full-time virtual school students choose your district Virtual Instruction Program as your Physical School. 

*Part-time students who are taking a few courses should choose the school they attend as their Physical School. 


Be sure to choose the correct counselor that you work with. 


Update your address, if needed.


Click Save and Continue.

Next, you will see the Course Catalog. Refine the search for a course by High School or Middle School. 

Once on the correct tab, you can see all the courses for those grade levels. 


In addition, you can use the Search Course bar to search by Subject, Course Name or Course Code.

In this example, we will be looking for Spanish 2.

From the High School tab, scroll down to the course you are looking for (example: Spanish 2). Click the link to select the course. 

On this screen, you are able to review the course description, specific topics covered throughout the course, grading policy, communication requirements, and any required materials. 


Review the Prerequisite(s), if listed. 

Once you have decided on a course click Select
 to add this course to your backpack.

To add the course to your backpack, click Continue.

If you need to add additional courses, click Add Courses.  

The next step is to complete the Florida Virtual School Survey

Click Continue when finished with the survey.

Carefully read ­­and then agree to the Commitments for Students and Parents/Guardians.


Click on Continue.

Next, you will choose which semesters you need to take. Most students will take the entire year of the course, All Semesters
Under School, select 
MyDistrict Virtual School

MyDistrict Virtual School is your local district's option for virtual education. Choose MyDistrict Virtual School to support and be a part of your local school district.

The next step is to choose when you would like to begin coursework. If you are choosing classes to begin at the start of the school year, choose the date that your school district begins courses.

If this is a later enrollment, choose the next available school day

Review your selections and click Continue
Next, you will have to confirm any Prerequisites for the course(s) selected.

Click Confirm if you have met the requirements.
Click Cancel if you have not. 
Now you will confirm your school of choice. Once the checkmark is selected, click Continue

If you would like to add more courses click on Add More Courses and follow the steps above.


Once you have added all the courses you would like to take and reviewed them, click on Continue




Review the information listed and click on Submit Enrollment

The next step is for your local guidance counselor to verify your course selections. This may take time, so be patient. If you need to be enrolled in the course quickly, reach out to your guidance counselor and request approval. 

MyDistrict Virtual School staff work daily to place students once courses have been verified. 

Scroll down to see your current courses.

This is what you will see as your enrollment moves through the registration system.

Student has requested a course.

The course has been verified by the guidance counselor at the school.

Student has been assigned to a teacher and can begin working in the course. 

**Be sure to have a welcome call with your teacher within the first week of being assigned so you can become activated in the course.

Once Activated, you have 28 days to complete 20% of the course with a passing grade. If not, you will be withdrawn. If you want to continue with the course, you should contact your school guidance counselor to request reinstatement. 

Bookmark this site so that you can get to your courses easier:


Congratulations, you have completed the registration process.

We look forward to working with you as you complete your MDVS courses!