Pathways is your Professional Development platform. Here, you will be able to access required and recommended courses.  

Do you need to reset your password? Email Mei-Ling Hickey with Pathways Password Reset in the subject line and your information in the body of the email.

Let’s begin by creating your account.  Please click here and select NEFEC to begin this process.  You will receive an email once you create your account. To login, go here. Enjoy doing the following: 

  1. Viewing required courses.

  2. Viewing recommended courses.

  3. Browsing the catalog of courses available to you.

  4. Viewing your transcript.

  5. Downloading certificate of completion PDFs.

  6. Receiving in-service points for all your completed trainings.

Mei-Ling recommends watching course #8778 to learn more about Academic Integrity.  

Login to Pathways and search for the course code.  

Click on “View Resources.” 

Click on “Website” for your next options.

Select “View” to watch the training or “select Mark As Viewed” when you are complete. 

Return to “Home” and under “My Courses” select “My Transcript” to download your certificate of completion PDF. 

Scroll down to find the list of courses you have completed. At that time, click on the certificate # that corresponds to the completed course. 

When you click on the certificate #, your PDF is immediately downloaded for you. Submit this to your district for credit.