Educator is your classroom. The LMS (Educator) hyperlink is your “secret passthrough” to go from VSA to your online classroom, Educator. 

If the LMS Hyperlink does not take you to Educator, you probably have a pop-up blocker enabled on the page. You can follow these directions to disable a pop-up blocker. 

In Educator, you may do the following (not limited to):

  1. Grade student work, provide individualized feedback on each assessment and monitor for Academic Integrity offenses.

  2. Place passwords on exams.

  3. Exempting and Resetting Assignments. 

  4. Send Welcome Email in Educator, then log it in VSA (copy/paste content of email).

    • When you log the welcome email in VSA, it is sent to the student and parent message board in VSA. They can only access this message by logging onto VSA. It is not sent as an email from VSA. 

  5. Update your Announcement page(s) as needed.