Freshdesk is the online cloud-based helpdesk software that enables us to provide excellent customer service. You can email a ticket or log on to the website to create a ticket.

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Best way to identify a student

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  • Do you have a reactivation?
  • Is there a new enrollment that needs special attention?
  • Is an investigation or research needed?
  • Do you need a response from a teacher?

Create your account online

Point your browser to NEFEC Freshdesk 

Click on Sign up in the top right-hand corner.

Sign up for your NEFEC account by completing the form:Activate NEFEC Freshdesk Account

You will receive a new customer activation email. This email will contain a link to the NEFEC Freshdesk website where you can create a password. Once the new user creates a password, she/he will be able to create MDVS call tickets, check the status of tickets, interact with other members through the forums, research solutions, and have live chat with available agents.

NEFEC Freshdesk Home Screen

From the NEFEC Freshdesk home screen, the user can create new tickets, check the status of tickets, read solutions and forums, and have a live chat.

Create New Ticket

To create a new NEFEC support ticket, click “New support ticket.”


After clicking the link, fill in the required detail as shown below.

Checking Ticket Status

From this view, the user can check the status of a ticket or update detail to the ticket.

Once the user has clicked on the ticket, the user will have the ability to update the ticket, review what the agent has done with the ticket, fill out a survey, or provide further information to the agent.