The Florida Department of Education would like some feedback about the course(s) you took. You will need the specific course code provided in the email to provide feedback.  Please follow the directions below to provide feedback.

Go to the website:

District Filter

Choose your district from the dropdown menu.

Provider Filter

Choose MyDistrict Virtual School from the dropdown menu.






Grade Range

Choose your grade range from the dropdown menu.

Major Program Area

Most of the courses are under General Education. If you cannot find the course, click on Career and Technical Education.

Major Subject Area

Choose the subject area that your course falls under.

Major Sub Subject Area

Choose the area in which your course would most likely fall under.

Once you find your course in the listings, click on More Info.

In the bottom right corner, you will see this box. Click on Contribute Feedback.

Enter in the Course Feedback Code provided for you.

Next, rate the course based on 1 being the worst to 5 being the best.


As you click your rating number there is little to no change visible on the screen. Please know that your rating is being recorded. Once you hit submit, you can see what was recorded.

This is what you will see after you hit submit.


Thank you for your feedback!