Register for Elementary FLVS Courses through MDVS

Current Students

MyDistrict Virtual School (MDVS) is a franchise of FLVS. This means that your student will access the same online course work provided by FLVS but will be instructed by MyDistrict Virtual School teachers during the 180 days of the school year. While the full-time program does allow students to establish their own weekly schedule as to what day and time they complete schoolwork, students must achieve adequate weekly progress in order to continue virtual school as a full-time option. Required weekly progress is defined as 6% completion per class per week. Students not able to maintain the proper pace may be required to return to their zoned school.

You will see many references to FLVS, but please understand that you are taking courses as a district student with MyDistrict Virtual School. 

Complete the Elementary Registration for MyDistrict Virtual School.

Students should take the four core courses:

  1. Language Arts
  2. Social Studies
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science

Students can choose to take up to two electives:

  1. Physical Education
  2. Technology
  3. Art
  4. Spanish


Elementary courses are broken into two parts - a first half (segment 1) and a second half (segment 2). Both segments make up a full year course.

Point your browser to this link.

Click on Returning Students  button.

You will need a parent account to log in to the registration system. 

Click on the dropdown menu to choose the student you wish to request courses. 

The next page is the Course Selection page.


The grade level you choose will populate the bottom screen with the courses available for that grade level.  


Your preferred Start Date should be the first day of school for your district. 


If you are starting after the first day of school, choose the next available week day.

In this example, grade 3 was chosen. 


When you click on the checkbox beside the course, the dropdown will automatically choose Both Segments (Full Course). Do not change this selection. 

Scroll down to the Optional Special Courses to make your elective course selection.


Click on the checkbox for the two electives your student will take. 


Art, Computer Science and PE are all grade level specific. 


Elementary Spanish courses are leveled. If your student has never taken the Elementary Spanish course with FLVS, they should be enrolled in Elementary Spanish – Introductory Level regardless of their grade level.


During the welcome call with the Spanish teacher, you can discuss placement into a higher level course. 

Select Add Course(s)

Please read through each statement that will provide guidance for you as the parent/guardian to help your student be successful in the online environment. 


There are links to documents that will provide additional information to you. 


Click the checkbox for I Agree and Save & Continue.

Complete the survey questions. 


Click Save & Continue.

Verify the courses selected. Each course should have a Segment 1 and Segment 2.


If you decide to return to school for Segment 2, we can easily drop those Segments with approval from the district contact. 


Click Continue Registration.

Review the information we have on file for the Parent/Guardian Account


If any of this information is incorrect, please log in and make those corrections once you have finished this Registration. 


Review the information we have on file for the Student Details. 


If any of this information is incorrect, please log in and make those corrections once you have finished this Registration.

Review the demographic information and click Save & Continue.

Confirm your entered information and click on Confirm & Continue.

Click on Submit Registration.


Enrollments will be created in the system but will still need to be approved by the district. Finally, your student will be placed with a teacher. 


**Students will begin to be placed one week before school starts. 


Please be patient with this process. 


We look forward to working with you as you
 complete your MDVS courses!