MyDistrict Virtual School uses K12 as one platform to deliver virtual coursework. Please follow the directions below to create your Parent account.

In your acceptance email, there is a link to follow.


IMPORTANT: Do not click the ENROLL link on the K12 website. Please only use the link provided in your acceptance email. This link is district specific. It will direct the parent to create a K12 account.


You will arrive at this page.

If you have had a student in K12 before, you may already have an account. Use this area to LOGIN.

If you have never created an account, click on SIGN UP HERE.

Complete the information requested. If you need help, please watch the video “Creating a Parent Portal Account” at the top of the page.

The email you provide will also be used as your Parent Portal Username.

The provided email address will be the primary form of communication used for sending and receiving information about your child's education. Please ensure only adults who have authorized access to the student's educational record have access to this email inbox.[GLM1] 

Once you have completed all parts, click on CREATE MY ACCOUNT.

Next, you will see a video about the K12 program. Once you have watched the video, please click on ENROLL NOW

You will see this screen and another video to help you with the enrollment process. When you are ready to begin the enrollment, click on START ENROLLMENT NOW.

You can see your progress by viewing the Track Your Progress are[GLM2] a on the right side of the screen. 


Complete all the information requested about the student.

As you complete each page of the application, do not select SAVE. Click on CONTINUE.

Read this section, but do not check the box unless you have moved and need to select a different State or County.

Click on the dropdown for What[GLM3]  type of program do you want your student to attend? and choose Public (tuition-free).


Verify the grade level.

Make sure that MyDistrict Virtual School is selected.  

Click on Submit Application.

You may see a pop-up window. Read this and click OK.

Read this information and click Next when you are ready. 

You will see that your information is being processed.

Please complete all the information that indicates REQUIRED.


Once you are done with all the REQUIRED information, click SUBMIT.



You will see that your information is being processed.

Read this information and click Next when you are ready.

Please read the information provided. Please know that we already know what courses your student needs to take, so you will not need a Placement Conference with K12. 

Please note that when you complete your application, you will not have a blue 4[GLM4] . MDVS does not collect information about you or your student to prove that you are a district student. You have already been approved by your district to move forward in the application process. 

Thank you for applying. We will be in touch with you soon.

If at any time you need additional support, please contact K12 Support: 888-273-5655

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